EP. 16 – Joker 2

Mike and Matt brainstorm ideas for the Joker sequel in hopes that Todd Phillips will hire them to write and star in it. Join us for Star Wars themed drug use, the shoehorning of Batman villain Clayface, and an unlikely appearance by Zorro. Want to make this movie a reality? Tweet using the hashtag #ReleaseTheMuMCut !

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EP. 13 – Opposing Counsel

Mike and Matt review a legal thriller starring Sandra Bullock and Michael Douglas in which Michael Douglas has a dark secret. Is this movie sexy or just plain sexist? Did Morgan Freeman ask for his character to be killed off just to get out of this trainwreck? Would you say this movie is a… cult classic?

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EP. 12 – The Barneyville Horror

Mike and Matt review a mid-2000s slasher movie that takes place on the set of Barney & Friends. Will this movie make Matt lose his faith in The Joker? Join us for journey into the deranged mind of a paint-huffing purple dinosaur as well as a mean-spirited review of Dave Barry’s latest book. It’s The Barneyville Horror.

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EP. 10 – Heistopus

Mike and Matt review a heist film in which the gentleman thief is a sly, sexy octopus. Join us for surprisingly risqué comedy, eight armfuls of practical effects, and one billion dollars in pearls.

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EP. 8 – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Mike and Matt review the unreleased fourth movie in the original Star Wars trilogy- wait, quadrilogy? It’s STAR WARS: ROGUE SQUADRON. Join us as we discuss the adventures of Wedge Antilles, Nien Nunb, and Mister Bones, a homicidal droid. Who knew that Gungans were always part of George Lucas’s Star Wars vision?

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