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My Sister the Samurai
A 90’s Disney Channel Original Movie where a teen boy’s sister is possessed by the spirit of a vengeful samurai warrior.

  • Original ideas (ones NOT based on existing properties) are preferred and prioritized because ideas that require research and references result in pre-writing and undercut the improvised nature of the show.
  • Write 1-2 sentences about the premise and plot.
    • 1 is best, 2 is okay, and any more than that is too much.
    • The point of the show is that we improvise the reviews, so it’s best to avoid writing a full plot summary.
  • You may submit as many Made Up Movie ideas as you want!
  • Submissions are placed inside the DESTINY SPINNER, our amazing bingo-bongo machine, and chosen by random number generator to ensure fairness and variety.
  • If your submission is chosen, it will be 3 WEEKS until one of your submissions can be chosen again. This is to ensure variety.
    • Fun Fact: Being in the three week waiting period is known as being “in The Cooler.”
  • Submissions stay on the list forever*, so even if it’s been a few months since you submitted your idea, it still might be selected!

*Your submission may be removed from the list under the following circumstances: If it is too offensive or inappropriate, if we have already done an episode with a similar or identical premise, if the submission is identical to a movie that actually exists, if the submitter behaves rudely or threateningly to the hosts, or other circumstances left to the discretion of the hosts.