EP. 12 – The Barneyville Horror

Mike and Matt review a mid-2000s slasher movie that takes place on the set of Barney & Friends. Will this movie make Matt lose his faith in The Joker? Join us for journey into the deranged mind of a paint-huffing purple dinosaur as well as a mean-spirited review of Dave Barry’s latest book. It’s The Barneyville Horror.

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EP. 6 – Zombie Guitar

Mike and Matt review a submission from Suns and Shadows-cast called Zombie Guitar. This is puppet-filled horror comedy with cheap-ass practical effects. It tells the story of a stoner wannabe rock star whose dreams of rockin’ romance come true when his flesh is fused with a ZOMBIE GUITAR. Yes, you read that right, dear reader.

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EP. 5 – Meat Cube

Mike and Matt review a 2000s era roadside horror flick called Meat Cube. They try to decipher whether or not the terrifying meat-headed monster is his own father, and if not, why he sometimes speaks in a British accent. This suggestion comes from Tony Evans. Thanks, Tony! Join us for a discussion of trans-dimensional body horror, alcoholic slasher victims, and inexplicably tiny cows.

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