EP. 7 – The Sound of Color

Mike and Matt review a problematic Oscar bait drama called The Sound of Color. This Made Up Movie was submitted by Learn German Through Music Podcast. Be sure to check them out. Join us as we discuss old truckers seducing young women, how to make beans sexy, and how sleazy men in Hollywood have groomed America.

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EP. 6 – Zombie Guitar

Mike and Matt review a submission from Suns and Shadows-cast called Zombie Guitar. This is puppet-filled horror comedy with cheap-ass practical effects. It tells the story of a stoner wannabe rock star whose dreams of rockin’ romance come true when his flesh is fused with a ZOMBIE GUITAR. Yes, you read that right, dear reader.

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EP. 5 – Meat Cube

Mike and Matt review a 2000s era roadside horror flick called Meat Cube. They try to decipher whether or not the terrifying meat-headed monster is his own father, and if not, why he sometimes speaks in a British accent. This suggestion comes from Tony Evans. Thanks, Tony! Join us for a discussion of trans-dimensional body horror, alcoholic slasher victims, and inexplicably tiny cows.

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EP. 2 – Unhappy Meal

Mike and Matt review a Bulgarian knock-off of Die Hard set entirely in a McDonald’s restaurant. This Made Up Movie suggestion comes from Robby Forbes-Karol! Join us for a discussion of action movie tropes, Big Mac ingredients used as weaponry, and so many costume changes! If nobody knows who you are, why hide your identity?

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